Protoype process is important to a professional mold-maker. And, now, we are good at various protoype processing skills, among which are the CNC protoype Process and the Rapid Laser Protoype.
Rapid Laser Protoype
Using laser, which is controlled by CAD data directly, to scan the photosensitive resin, rapidly and precisely, we can mock up any original product however complex it is. And the protoype embody the features of fast speed, high precision, good surface quality, simpleness and time saving final processes.
And owing to the introduction of SLA rapid laser photo typing machine and ABS laser resin, the precision comes up to 0.1mm.
CNC Protoype Process
We are proficient in CNC protoype model, as well as surface processes in polishing, casting and painting.
And the effects of the protoype are comparable to the original form. Materials we use include ABS, POM, Organic Glass, PP, PC, Bakelite, Copper, Aluminum, etc.


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